for better or for worse.

a planner's promise

With big decisions, big emotions, and big investments of time and money, there are bound to be ups and downs.

And you want to trust that your wedding planner will be there for you. For better or for worse.

And while skill, talent, and experience are all crucial to planning and designing an incredible event.

My best planning advice? 

Hire someone you enjoy as a person, not just as a wedding planner.

“Kaitlin is diligent, resourceful, creative, responsive, easy to talk to, and fun.”


"When you’re constantly in touch with someone about everything from the biggest to the smallest details of your wedding (and in our case, also riding the roller coaster that was wedding planning in 2020), it’s great to have someone so positive and thoughtful in your corner who just so happens to be an excellent and organized planner."

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hard work & passion



panache (n)
pa·​nache | \ pə-ˈnash , -ˈnäsh \
: distinctive and stylish elegance; a stylish flair

Hard work is deeply rooted in my soul.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial home, where at an early age I was tasked with helping out with the family business. This did more than merely spark my passion for business — It instilled in me the value of hard work and dedication.

This is why, prior to your day, I will work tirelessly to make sure you're organized and on the right path. I'll be available and responsive to you, returning phone calls and emails quickly. I'll be a friend and a confidant as we remain focused on your priorities every step of the way.

And because I will know everything about your wedding and everyone involved,

You and yours can relax and enjoy your day, knowing I’m behind the scenes working hard - for you.

“Because of Kaitlin, our wedding day exceeded any expectations we ever had.”

-audrey l

"Given we were planning from Canada, it was crucial to find someone we could put a lot of trust in to help plan our big day. We were able to relax and enjoy every second of it while Kaitlin and team worked behind the scenes to coordinate vendors and put out any fires that came up... From the planning phase to the event itself – Kaitlin is simply the best."

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A passion ignited.

While pursuing my Masters, I moved to Singapore where I worked in events and experiential marketing at
The St. Regis Singapore.

My job was to help create one-of-a-kind events that showcased and celebrated the hotel's signature art collection. This was not only an amazing opportunity to hone my design and event planning skills, but working for a luxury hotel gave me the opportunity to learn and implement invaluable hospitality skills as well.

You can feel confident knowing that your day is in the hands of a knowledgeable and passionate professional.


“If you have a ton of time on your hands and are Type A, you can probably put on a wedding by yourself. BUT ask yourself how much your time and energy is worth to you. If you value it, you're going to LOVE having a planner. I'm also someone who suffers from decision anxiety, so having an expert to bounce my ideas off of settled my mind every step of the way. I just knew that if Kaitlin was involved, I'd have a wonderful event - period.”

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a few of my favorite things

I thrive on chaos. I'm usually the calming voice in the middle of any storm.



You'll never have to wonder where things stand or when I will respond. I am all about effective communication.


Helping you narrow things down and guiding you through all of the details and simply makes my heart sing.


Budgets are beautiful. I love helping you prioritize, review, and stay on track so you have a better chance of getting things done within, and maybe even below, budget.


With pleasant energy and a positive attitude, I'll see to it that you make it down the aisle with a smile on your face. Because this day should be full of laughter, happiness, and tears of pure joy.

“There will no doubt be things that come up the day of your wedding you can’t predict...With Kaitlin, it became very apparent that I could handoff and let her handle it. What a gift.


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the love in my life

My family is the light of my life and my reason for being.

my why