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Outdoor Tent at Gardener Ranch

When you envision your ideal wedding weekend, what does it look like? What’s going on around you? Where are you? Indoors or outdoors? How is your ceremony decorated?  Chances are, everyone’s answers to these questions will be different. But I have a venue in mind that will tick just about anyone’s box. It allows you […]

Venue Spotlight: Gardener Ranch

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Sticking to a budget isn’t the most glamorous part of wedding planning. And it can certainly be tricky. But it’s a building block of the process. And one that deserves to be understood. This is why, as a wedding planner, I love helping couples deep dive into all things budget-related. Because if you don’t have […]

A Wedding Planner’s Perspective: Common Hidden Costs



Sarah and Kevin hired Pocketful of Plans to help them design their dream wedding day at the breathtaking Gardener Ranch in November.  When they came to us, they had never planned a large event before, so they had no idea where to start or what/how to prioritize. Aside from that, they were also extremely nervous […]

Gardener Ranch: A Case Study

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When Hunter and Tammy got engaged, Tammy told everyone she wanted a small wedding including 10-20 of their closest family and friends who knew and supported them as a couple. Tammy wanted a destination wedding in California, outdoors and by the water, with pretty string lights and food for everyone to enjoy. She wanted the […]

A Waterfront Wedding at the Ritz Carlton

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Bouquets, floral arches, centerpieces, reception décor – there is no doubt that flowers play a huge role at weddings. And even if you keep your big-day blooms simple and only purchase a few bouquets and boutonnieres, you’ll likely have a bit of a sticker shock once you see the price tags. Especially if you compare […]

A Wedding Planner’s Perspective: Why Are Wedding Flowers so Expensive?

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As a wedding planner in Carmel, I know a lot about this beautiful area in Northern California. And I love passing along this information to readers and couples alike.  Because whether you’re planning a wedding, honeymoon, or weekend getaway, it’s always great to have a little local knowledge. So I’ve put together this blog post […]

A Local’s Guide to Carmel and Planning a Wedding

Weddings in Carmel Valley

Couple Dancing at Gardener Ranch Clubhouse in Carmel Valley

Wonder what it is like to hire a wedding planner. Some of our past clients are shedding some light on their experience working with Pocketful of Plans.

A Client’s Perspective: What is it like to work with Pocketful Of Plans?

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A WEDDING PLANNER’S PERSPECTIVEWhy Are Weddings So Expensive?PART ONE Oh, budget. Pretty much everyone’s least favorite topic. But, pretty much one of the most important foundations to planning a wedding. The problem is, you probably don’t understand: a.) Precisely what goes into a wedding budget. And  b.) The actual reasons why weddings are so expensive. […]

Why Are Weddings So Expensive?

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The minute you get engaged, social media inundates you with images of weddings and what you “should” strive to create. And while looking at all of the pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest can be fun and inspiring, it can also be overwhelming and downright frustrating at times.  What are you supposed to do with […]

3 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

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One of the beautiful things about planning a wedding in the modern age is so many possibilities. In the past, most couples stuck with a traditional wedding style. Everything was planned just so-so and had to fit into a template. And while traditional elements can be gorgeous (and necessary at times), I believe a healthy […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Host A Retreat Style Wedding

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Weddings in Carmel Valley