Designing a Wedding – Where to start?

You might be thinking, “Is there a right way to plan a wedding?” 

I like to think so. It’s simple, strategic, and the process we use here at Pocketful of Plans. 

It’s called phase-based wedding planning, and it allows us to build a strong foundation and unique design plan that reflects you to a tee. 

In this post, I discuss Phase II and our approach to wedding design. You can read more about Phases I and III in our post, The Best Approach to Planning a Wedding: Phase Based Planning.

Phase II is where we do a deep dive into all things design. There may be a multitude of wedding styles to choose from, but making a choice won’t be overwhelming if you implement POP’s approach. 

What does this approach consist of? I’m glad you asked!

Here’s a rundown of the experience you can expect.  

Pebble Beach Beach and Tennis Club Reception
Pebble Beach Beach and Tennis Club Reception
Photo by AGS Photo Art

The Pocketful of Plans’ Approach to Wedding Design​​​​​​​

We start with an extensive questionnaire that touches on all aspects of the design. You’ll notice the questions aren’t all wedding related but they provide a jumping-off point for inspiration.

In it are questions like, what colors do you prefer? What colors do you hate? Do you like candles? Your feedback helps me understand your likes, dislikes, wishes, and overall style.  

From there, we’ll tackle imagery. You’ll share your favorites with me and what you like about the images. I’ll ask questions like, how do they inspire and make you feel when you look at them? Are there certain colors that pop out or a unique detail that feels sentimental?

This helps me understand what you like with the visuals accompanying those preferences. It also helps me learn what words you use to describe things.

For instance, I often hear, “I want something classic/timeless/romantic/muted,” but that can mean different things to different couples. You wouldn’t believe how many different photos of “timeless” I’ve received!

The same goes for “muted.” Does that mean all neutrals, all white and green, or colors that are not super saturated and bright?

Pairing visuals with words helps us understand what each couple is describing. And ensures we are on the same page in visual and written descriptions early in the process. 

Photo by Shannon Cronin

Next comes the design mood board. I like to think of it as a language we all understand. This is a one-page visual explanation that includes a color palette, images representing your style, and a short description of how the atmosphere will both look and feel. You’ll have a chance to take it all in and give your suggestions and feedback before we move to the next step. 

Once we’re all on the same page, we’ll begin selecting the right vendors to bring it all to life.

And as we go through this process and select different details for the day, I’ll create more detailed design boards that expand on each event element. From invitations to linens, cake to décor, each piece will be unique to you and tell the overall story of your wedding day.

Photo by Shannon Cronin Photography

Finally, we’ll meet with your vendor team, and I’ll share a detailed document that includes information beyond design. This will help them understand your vision and how best to prepare for your day. By sharing this information, your photographer, for example, can style your stationery for flat-lay photos. And the bartending staff can style your bar accordingly.  

By the end of Phase II, you’ll have plans for a celebration, unlike anything you’ve seen before. And an event that is a true expression of you and your fiancé!Please reach out if you’re ready to start your wedding planning journey. We’ll begin with Phase I (Planning), which is just as much fun as Phase II. 

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