Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Do I really need a wedding planner?
Yes! Do you have a lot of extra time in your day to day life to plan a wedding? How many large events, where you are the focal point, have you planned and thrown in your honor? It seems daunting I know, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make it easier on yourself by hiring a professional. Just as you would seek out a lawyer for legal advice, a doctor for medical advice, or a mechanic to fix your car, working with a professional planner will make achieving your dream wedding so much easier!
How do I know if you are the right planner for me?
Hiring a planner is a big decision. I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing someone who truly "gets you" and what you would like out of your wedding day. Here is what you can expect if we work together:
  • TRUST is the key ingredient to an amazingly stress-free experience working with us! We do this job because of our passion for helping couples plan their dream weddings. Because of this, we too (just like you!) want to work with an individual because we feel our personalities and styles match.
  • Our goal for all our clients is to amaze, delight, and exceed their expectations. Therefore, you can always depend on us to be professional, honest and up-front with advice. I always have my clients and their guests best interest at heart.
  • We always try and see the bigger picture. What does that mean? It means we not only keep our clients best interest at heart, but we also keep the total guest experience in mind. A wedding is primarily about making memories with your loved ones, so we make sure their experience at your wedding is exceptional as well.
This level of trust means that in the end, when all the work is finished and the big day has come and gone, we have formed life-long bonds of friendship with our clients. If you like to laugh, want to enjoy planning your wedding and hand the hard parts over to an expert, contact us today!
We are planning a destination wedding. Do you travel?
Definitely! While I primarily plan weddings in the Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach and the greater Northern California regions, we love destination weddings and are passionate about travel. We offer discounts for couples planning a wedding in the following locations: Palm Springs, Panama, Argentina, South Africa, Melbourne, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and so many more! Just let us know and we would love to accommodate!
Do you have a Minimum event budget?
No, as each couple and situation is different. However, for the ideal experience I recommend couples have a wedding budget that ranges from $750-$1,500 per guest.
Do you work with couples that don’t live in the area or in California?
Absolutely! In fact, 85% of the couples we work live somewhere other than Northern California so we are well equipped to handle your situation!
What is your pricing?
The prices for our different planning packages are below: 
  • Full planning starts at $10,000
  • Partial Planning starts at $7,000
  • Wedding Management start at $4,500
Do you work with LGBTQ?
Absolutely, we believe everyone is deserving of love and has the right to celebrate their love. We would love to help!
Most venues have a venue coordinator, do I also need a wedding planner?
Yes, we fulfill very different roles on your wedding day and throughout the process. The bottom line is that we advocate for you as the couple where a venue coordinator is going to put the priorities of the venue first.
Do you offer Month Of or Day Of Coordination?
It is impossible to give your wedding the attention and effort it deserves in 30 days or less; therefore we offer a Wedding Management package in place of "day of coordination." This alternative offers clients a more robust and comprehensive service experience than traditional day of coordination. Please see our services page for more information on our wedding management services!