Change The Way You Engage With Your Audience

We’ve designed a mobile system that embraces the best of our photo booth and combines it with the coverage of a mobile photographer. Capturing branded photos allows for a greater reach and interaction at live events.  We promote instant sharing from your event on social media or through email. These images boost brand awareness and provides integrated lead generation to fuel marketing. Broadcast these images on slideshows or to sharing stations for guests.  Perfect for step and repeat or red carpet photography. The best part of popmobile is that it is mobile, user friendly, handled by our popfessionals, and completely customizable.

We offer new and better ways to combine live events with social media and technology. Our culture has a passion for digital experiences. Change your event into an experience, stop spending money on “stuff”, and start building a relationship with customers through a branded experience.
The relationship between a consumer and a brand is no longer as transactional as it once was. By providing consumers with engaging experiences in which they can actively participate and interact with the brand in some capacity, it increases the attendees’ likelihood to become more emotionally invested in that brand and the product or service it provides.