Fun Fact: the average couple spends over 400 hours planning their wedding! So by now you can tell your wedding will be one of the largest investments you make as a couple, both in time and money. Are you able to go ahead and spare 400 hours sweating the details of a wedding?

No? Well that’s ok as I can help! I know you are busy; I know your time is valuable, and I understand you only get one shot at a dream wedding. While it is a big decision, deciding to go with a wedding planner will be hands down the best decision you can make for your wedding and your sanity!

My services can really be broken down into three main areas; planning, design and management. Each couple is different and therefore each couple has different needs; I can walk you through each step or support you in only the areas you need help. I work with all my couples to customize my services to get them to the finish line.

Feeling overwhelmed? Planning a wedding can feel like a rollercoaster. It is wonderfully exciting, but it is also literally hundreds of hours of research, emails, negotiating contracts, considering guests travel plans, creating schedules, and a thousand other things you have probably never done before.
Modern couples don’t fit in a box. Which is why I so strongly believe in customizing a planning process that is right for each couple. Planning is customized to each couple to fit their exact needs, maybe you need help finding a catering team that can give you the elevated culinary experience you are dreaming of, or maybe you need help finding every vendor. Even if you just need help cutting through the clutter and creating a cohesive event design. I can map out a plan to get you there.
Don’t know who to hire? How to create a day that flows? How to design a coherent style? With so many things to consider, you need a professional to calm the clutter. I guide you through the planning process in small phases and clearly tell you who is the right vendor for the job.
Communication is key. Regardless of when your wedding is, the size or the budget we are accessible to you throughout the process. Because you should not lose sleep wondering when your wedding planner will reply about your questions. I use modern technology and focus on ensuring we can communicate efficiently and frequently.
Throughout our whole planning process she had her finger on the pulse and she politely nudged us back on course whenever we veered off schedule. It was so good to have such an organized planning partner, and one with such great knowledge on the industry. - David
On your wedding day you need someone to oversee every detail and keep the event flowing because a watch does not go with your dress. But a good event is a lot more complicated than just showing up on the day of, which is why I don’t offer the traditional “day-of coordination” but instead offer event management to offer you support throughout the process and letting you rest easy on the wedding day. Showing up on your wedding day is only about 10% of what I do for you.
Planning for your wedding really happens months and months in advance. Maybe a friend offered to help on the day of or even your DJ said he can coordinate, but you have questions about decor, set up, seating arrangements, etiquette, things they can’t possibly answer. That is why our event management option is perfect for so many couples. I want to be a supportive source for you throughout the process, not just 30 days before.
We start with an informative meeting to get you started off on the right foot and are accessible throughout your planning process by email and via our amazing planning platform that give you access to our customized phase based planning check list and a super useful budget tracker so you can plan the wedding of your dreams and we can ensure that it happens flawlessly.
I really was able to enjoy the day because I knew Kaitlin had everything taken care of. This type of peace of mind on your wedding day in invaluable.  - Mary-Alice
Life and Business should be celebrated! We help clients plan, design and execute memorable events that wow guests regardless of whether your attendees are your friends and families, employees or your potential clients.
Your personal party planner and concierge. If you need help planning and managing a social event such as a milestone birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or showers I can help you find the right place, vendors, and style to make your celebration sheer perfection. Need help beyond the party I have partnered with a team of incredible survive oriented people to create the Monterey Peninsulas premier concierge team. Check out SOLVD Monterey
Corporate events often get pushed off on someone in the company that already has a full time job, and frankly planning isn’t always something in the original job description or something they enjoy, but it is something that I love and happen to excel at. If you need an event that inspires current employees, deepens current customer relations or that reaches a new fan base let’s make your organization stand out. No more boring holiday parties, no more conferences that make people fall asleep, and no more incentives that don't actually incentivize anyone, instead let’s plan creative, inspiring and events filled with ingenuity.
They did an amazing job transforming our receiving facility into a glamourous venue for our company New Year's Party. She listened to what we wanted and exceeded our expectations. – Steph