10 Epic Bouquets to Inspire your Bridal Bouquet!

I love a good bouquet moment. Even if you don’t want a huge show stopping bouquet you have to admit that Bouquets are one of the most photographed elements of your day. The bride’s bouquet is in almost every image of the bride, the couple, even used in so many of the detail photos throughout the day.

I wanted to share a collection of some of the most incredible bouquets from some of my recent weddings to help inspire couples as they start planning the design for 2022 weddings. 

  1. A Bright Drippy Stunner

This gorgeous drippy bouquet was for a late spring wedding in Carmel at Gardener Ranch. The bride dreamed of a wedding with tons of Spanish design influence. We used Spanish tiles and Spanish pottery with lots of blue and terracotta tones then complimented it with the most gorgeous bright reds and pinks in the florals. The bride loved Seascape Flowers work and really told them to create a stunning bouquet and they did just that. Honestly, this was one of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen, lush with bright bouganvilla, full bloomed peonies, greenery and even pops of blue. A perfect compliment to this gorgeous bride. 

Photo by Brandon Scott Photography
  1. Feeling A Little Blue 

This unique bouquet was assembled by Seascape flowers based on a design I put together for a styled shoot. The shoot was inspired by a modern art image of the ocean, embracing all the tones of blue that we see on our gorgeous Big Sur Coastline. Darcy and Laurie with Seascape Flowers took all the inspiration I had about using a single color to create an incredible monotone bouquet full of texture and movement to look like crashing waves and white tips. I would say this bouquet is one of the most unique and incredible bride’s bouquets I have ever seen. 

Photo by AGS Photo Art
  1. Who Said Black isn’t a Wedding Color? 

This bouquet was so unique and perfect for the bride’s vision of a glam black tie wedding. Fionna Floral created this statement wedding bouquet for the bride that was a little bit traditional mixed with a modern expression of a glamorous black tie feeling. The large sprays of black snake grass and then rose gold painted anthuriums along with drippy perfect white orchids created the perfect bouquet for the luxury wedding at Tehama Golf Club. 

Photo by AGS Photo Art
  1. Bright Hacienda Colors with Palm Leaves

De Tierra Vineyards in Carmel Valley is an incredible hacienda setting that transports you out of California and straight into a gorgeous Mexican inspired oasis. It is part desert with large blooming cacti and huge agave plant and then part tropical oasis with huge palm trees and beautiful flowers. This bouquet was the perfect bouquet for a wedding there. It had all the brightest dahlias that the late summer had to offer along with yellow dancing orchids, ginger plants, and even palm leaves that swayed in the breeze. Just another example of Seascape Flowers’ ability to create the perfect bouquet regardless of the style and design.

Photo by AGS Photo Art
  1. An Explosion of Color for a Summer Wedding

When you have a bride that wants a big statement of color for a micro wedding in the vines at Eden Rift in Hollister, find a florist that can seriously deliver every color in a way that comes together beautifully. Kim England of Fleurs Du Soleil in Monterey created this brightly colored beauty with a mix of dahlias, peonies, pincushion protea, amaranth and blue thistle, and all of it came together beautifully. 

Photo by Shannon Cronin
  1. Two Fall Bouquets are Better than One

This gorgeous fall micro wedding had two gorgeous brides with two stunning bouquets created by Fleurs Du Soleil in Monterey for a vineyard wedding at Eden Rift in November. Inspired by the changing colors of the vines in the fall, these bouquets were a fall statement that made me want every wedding to take place at Central Coast vineyards during the perfect fall weather. The deep oranges, red and shades of green with pops of golden yellow made for the perfect fall bouquets. In a same sex wedding it is important to think about how your details will look together, I would say that Fleurs Du Soleil nailed the two bouquets, they compliment each other perfectly but are stunning individually, just like these gorgeous brides. 

Photo by De Joy Photography
  1. Farmed Flowers and Eucalyptus

This stunning winter beach wedding proved that you can have a California Beach Wedding year round and have it turn out gorgeous. The bride really wanted to work with Laughin’ Gal Flowers because not only is she incredible but she also grows her own flowers! If that isn’t incredible I don’t know what is! Amanda created this lush full traditional bouquet filled with pinks, burgundy, and gorgeous dusty greens to compliment the bride’s dream of an ultra glam blush and rose gold wedding. It especially popped against her gorgeous blush wedding dress. 

Photo by Carol Oliva Photography
  1. A Sunset Toned Boho Bouquet

Back before terracotta and orange became the most popular colors of oceanside weddings this bride dreamed of an epic boho wedding filled with sunset toned florals. Seascape Flowers had done her sister’s wedding years prior and she knew instantly she needed them on board to create her vision, and they did. This gorgeous bouquet incorporated cappuccino roses, dahlias, garden roses, soft fluffy bunny tails and various greenery to create a bouquet that complimented her gorgeous Galhia Lahav gown. 

Photo by Sun + Life Photography
  1. Who Said Yellow Can’t be Beautiful?

Why is it that yellow tends to be one of the most hated colors in the wedding world? I always ask couples “what colors do you love?” and “What colors do you hate” and hands down the most common answer to the second question is “Yellow”. I personally don’t love yellow, but I wouldn’t say I hate it. I think yellow is bright, happy, hopeful, and inspiring, that sounds pretty great as a wedding color. This particular bride said, I love yellow, but I don’t want to go overboard with yellow, and her florist, Erin, owner of Wind Acre Farm Florals knew exactly what to do for the bride that loved yellow but didn’t want it to be in your face yellow. She created this classic round bouquet with the perfect amount of bright yellow and romantic blush and white flowers. I would say this is yellow in all its happy glory. 

Photo by De Joy Photography
  1. Classic and Elegant Bouquet Perfection

This stunning bouquet is an ode to the classic beauty that is a white and green timeless bouquet. Filled with lush garden roses and crisp white orchids this gorgeous bouquet is pure magic. The destination bride loved the California coast and really wanted a classic timeless look that would defy age and trends, but still feel new and current. She loved the elongated eucalyptus found along the Big Sur coast but also loved the perfection of huge white orchids. Seascape Flowers really showed their diversity and skill by creating this bouquet of pure perfection that really was perfect for the gorgeous wedding in Half Moon Bay. 

Photo by Rachael Kazmier

I hope that these beautiful bouquets can help inspire some of the details for your wedding. If you are feeling lost or not sure how to verbalize what you are looking for in your wedding design or style, a wedding planner can help you figure out what your style is and how to design your wedding to be a reflection of your you and your style. If you are looking for help with your design contact us to learn about how we get to know you and customize your day!

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