5 Tools To Help You Organize Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is exciting, but at times it can start to feel a little overwhelming. Even if you hired a wedding planner, you still have contracts to sign, bridal party members and family to keep up to date, and choices to make, and it can be hard to keep it all organized. The good news is there are tons of tools and resources (and many of them are free!) that will help you organize everything and plan your special day!


Google Drive

Google Drive is THE best place to store everything you need. You can add all of your documents here – vendor contracts, timelines, notes and details, spreadsheets (even for your budget), and more. It keeps everything together, is super easy to use, and, since it’s cloud-based, you can easily access your planning information from anywhere.



Specifically, Facebook groups. There are Facebook groups for just about everything you can imagine. Want vendor recommendations in your area? There’s a group for that. Want to connect with other engaged couples for inspiration, ideas, and advice? There’s a group for that. Want to buy gently used wedding decor to try to save money? There’s a group for that too. Just by being on Facebook, you have a wide range of planning tools at your disposal.


You know you’ll want photos to remember this time by. Instead of having family and bridesmaids sending you photos on various platforms and trying to remember to download them all to one place, create a hashtag that’s unique to your wedding and tell everyone to use it on Instagram. You’ll get photos from engagement party guests, bridesmaids while you’re out wedding dress shopping, and that one your mom snapped when she tagged along to your tastings, and you’ll have them all in one place.



Think of it as mobile video planning. Zoom is a free service, that you can easily access from your computer or phone. It’s a video conferencing program that even allows you to share notes, links, and even share your screen. It’s a great tool for having a quick chat with your whole bridal party or meeting with a vendor. It’s even more helpful if you’re on the road a lot and don’t have a lot of time for meetings, or if you’re planning a destination wedding.



Slack is a free, feature-rich chatting program that integrates into any desktop platform, and almost any mobile platform, to allow you to chat with everyone (bridal party, vendors, etc.) all in one place. Use different channels to house different conversations or aspects of the planning, and even upload files and photos. It’s super easy to use and will make staying in touch with everyone so easy!

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