My Top 3 Escort Card Displays from 2019

I absolutely love escort card displays, its a great opportunity to do something fun, memorable and a chance to really give guests a taste of your personality and interests. Escort cards are used to tell guests what tables they are sitting at. They can also double as place cards that have the guests’ meal choice indicator on them as well. Here are my three favorite escort card displays we put together in 2019. 

Greenery wall with handwritten cards

The bride and groom hand wrote each guest/couple a note to say thank you for attending our wedding and other personal messages. When the couple told me they wanted to do this I kinda thought to myself that it sounds like one of those lofty wedding goals that usually gets eliminated as the wedding approaches, but Boy, did I underestimate them. They hand wrote all the notes and worked with The Quill in Pacific Grove to create custom envelopes that doubled as escort cards. ⁠

Then we assembled it on the beautiful greenery wall provided by Seascape Flowers. This took probably 2.5 hours to assemble in full as I measured and calculated and then recalculated several times. Also My inner control freak was so annoyed by the natural unevenness of the board and moss but that isn’t in my control nor were the sudden bursts of wind through the courtyard! As we worked on the cards, Seascape Flowers  covered it in gorgeous vines and pulled it all together. I wish I had a better image than this cell phone picture but as I was rushing back from the ceremony guests got to it and started removing cards before we could snap great photos.

Escort cards hanging on a greenery wall

Traditional but Stunning

This gorgeous floral arrangement surrounded by hand painted escort cards was a beautiful entrance to the stunning ballroom covered in twinkle lights at Tehama Golf Club. The laid back elegance and relaxed vibe of this wedding was very memorable and gorgeous. After the dinner was served we used the same table to cover it with a large selection of donuts and donut holes for guests to help themselves to and take home in cute little custom boxes. The best wedding details are ones that can be used for more than one thing. Like Gorgeous florals from the ceremony that are reused at the reception and look new again. 

This large and stunning arrangement was done by Fionna Floral. 

escort cards on a round table with large floral arrangement

Photo by Megan Welker

Hand painted watercolor escort cards

Photo by Megan Welker

Boho Sailboat⁠⠀ ⁠

This custom commissioned escort sail boat is certainly a top moment from 2019, maybe even my favorite escort card display ever. ⁠⠀

The groom had one request throughout the entire planning process, Sailboat Table Numbers. He is an avid sailor and wanted to incorporate his passion into the wedding day but to be honest anything sail boat and nautical was far from the wishes of the bride’s vision for a coastal Boho wedding, she was also not a fan of driftwood or nautical anything. ⁠⠀

So to appease both I worked with two local creatives to custom make this giant sail boat that could be made to look boho and “vagabondish”. I worked with Brandon of Handsome Woodworking and Kristin of Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy to make this 7 foot long and 6 foot tall sail boat come to life. It weighed probably 150 lbs and was a beast to move on and off the sand (not to mention the intense sandstorm that day) but It was worth it because it was beautiful and a perfect way to incorporate both of their wishes into something that was uniquely them. ⁠

Sail boat escort board

Photo by Sun+Life Photography


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