How To Manage The Stress On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are stressful. As much fun as they are and even though it’s an incredibly happy day, there’s no denying that they bring on a little anxiety. Between all the planning, large amounts of family coming together, and plenty of money put toward the day, it’s easy for tensions to run high.

Taking the stress out of your wedding day is important though. If you want to enjoy your day and start your marriage off with a happy beginning, follow these tips!

Plan ahead.

The biggest part of managing stress is to plan ahead for the stress. Sit down a few weeks before and think of all the things that could possibly go wrong and how you intend to handle them. If you have a planner, tell them or your Maid of Honor what you’re most worried about and how you’d like them to handle situations that arise on wedding day.


Eat something.

So many brides (and grooms!) forget to eat on their wedding day. You’re nervous, excited, maybe have a few butterflies, but you have to remember to eat like you normally would, and keep a few snacks and some water on hand. You definitely don’t want to be passing out on the aisle!


Hire a planner.

This is a big one! While things will always go wrong, because nothing is perfect, a planner will be able to mediate and remedy situations as they arise and take some of the stress off of your plate. That is definitely worth the investment.

Take a moment for yourself.

It’s YOUR wedding day. Yes, your vendors are there for a certain amount of time, and your guests did come to see you, so you should be respectful of everyone’s time, but that means making sure that you’re taking care of yourself too. If you feel yourself getting a little overwhelmed, take a moment for yourself to breathe and just give yourself time to cool down.


Lastly, remember that something will go wrong.

Something always does, and there’s no stopping it. If you’re prepared for that fact, and you remember why you’re all there to begin with, it will be much easier to brush off the stress and enjoy the day and the start of your marriage!

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