Keep these in mind when planning your wedding

What are your Priorities?

When thinking about your wedding day outline your top priorities. This will help all other decisions (and budget matters) flow better. If you outline your top 3 priorities, and then your “It would be nice Ifs…” then all the major decisions will fall into place easier. If you are questioning a decision take a glance back at these


established/agreed upon priorities. Some examples of what I mean by priorities are; an amazing dance party, gourmet meal, your entire wedding party staying together over the weekend.

Establish a budget

Just like the priorities, establishing a budget and sticking to it will simplify your wedding planning process. It’s really tempting to spend a little extra here and there and before you know it you’ve blown your budget. If you make a budget and then find that a lot of things in your area our more expensive than you budgeted for, sit down and re-evaluate your budget – THIS DOES NOT MEAN SPEND MORE! What I mean is, revisit these already established priorities and then readjust where the money is spent. If you find out that you need an extra $1000.00 to cover your catering, decide where you can pull the money from, ideallymultiple categories. Planning the wedding you want is always within budget if you are strategic about what you do and where you allocate the money.

DIY isn’t always cheaper

I see this over and over again, couples want personal touches and never seen on Pinterest


before goods, centerpieces that make your grandmother cry.

Lindsey Klinger

The reality is that the sometimes, less is more.


When you are on a budget, creating tons of details and crafts can really, really add up.


I see lots of brides that want to do various DIY projects to cut cost and sometimes they end


up spending way more than they bargained for. Sometimes, creating a few special elements or special touches can have a bigger impact than having 10, 20, 30! Trying to incorporate I like boards with hashtags, cute menu cards, personalized cookies and dessert bars, or a signature cocktail that reflects something about the couple.

Hire Professionals that understand a timeline

Without someone over seeing your wedding day there may be a few hiccups. Minimizing what can go wrong is the first step, hire professionals and have a thorough timeline. Having all the behind the scenes staff on the same page is a must. Having one person, ideally a planner or coordinator, to make sure this timeline doesn’t get too far off track is the key to a stress-free day! If things go wrong, take a breath, remember that you are getting married and that everything will be okay. Ideally you will not even hear about things going wrong because a good coordinator and solid event professionals will be able to handle anything that arises, without bothering you! Enjoy your day, you worked hard for it!


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