The Elements Of A Luxury Wedding

People generally associate luxury with a higher price tag. And while this is often part of the package, what makes something luxurious goes beyond the dollar sign. Luxury is a feeling, an experience.

Luxury weddings are no exception. But what actually makes a wedding luxurious? And how can you plan a luxury wedding?

As a wedding planner in Monterey, Carmel, and Pebble Beach, I know what it takes to elevate your event and transform it into a celebration of true luxury.

The Club at Pasadera

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Read on for the details.

What makes a wedding luxurious?

Luxury weddings give guests an experience above and beyond a typical wedding. There are personalized and meaningful touches both in the experience and throughout the design.

If you’re planning a wedding weekend or a destination wedding, you’re likely asking guests to travel in, so planning multiple touch points and personal details are luxury elements. A welcome party with drinks and bites on a Friday night sets the tone for the weekend.

And thoughtful welcome bags (perhaps a tote that says Pebble Beach or Carmel) filled with yummy local snacks and a personalized candle double as a memento and something for the weekend.

Customized Welcome Bag by Big Little Boxes in Carmel

Luxury also plays into the design, and the challenge is to go beyond the typical look of a wedding. When working with my couples, I ask them to dig deep into their design vision. I get them to think about things they haven’t thought of and look beyond what they’ve seen plastered all over Pinterest. This helps them realize their values and find their creativity, which ultimately leads to a unique design vision. 

Also, flowers! I personally love florals, plants, and all things nature. But coming from a planner’s perspective, I know how incorporating these elements can really elevate a look. 

Ways to Wow Guests at a Luxury Wedding

Again, it’s all about the special touches, interactive things, and fun and unexpected experiences.

A great time to take advantage of this is during cocktail hour. Everyone’s together, mingling, the energy’s high. So maybe have a cute prosecco cart on display or a thoughtfully-designed bar with fun drinks and a flair bartender. 

Personalized menus add another layer of thoughtfulness to the evening. As do handwritten notes thanking the guest placed in each seat.  

Tips for Planning a Luxury Wedding

Keep your guests’ experience in mind. Think about the proximity between your locations and the accessibility of the various sites. The logistics are critical. How is everyone getting to your venue? What steps will they have to go through to get there? 

For example. if your venue is gated, will guests know how to get through without paying the gate fee? One thing your loved ones will remember most about your wedding is how easy it was to get there, and the service provided at the venue. Even if it is the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever attended, if the logistics failed, how the venue looked won’t matter. 

Having a wedding planner who knows the area and the vendors can give you added peace of mind because you’ll know who you’re working with. Plus, the planner can help things go more smoothly with vendors, especially now when everyone has a lot going on and there’s a lot of demand.

Also, if you’re going to plan a luxury destination wedding, you need to try and visit the location multiple times. Nothing beats that first-hand experience. But if you can’t, it’s even more important to have a planner who knows the area and points out things you may not have thought about.

Bernardus Lodge and Spa Rose Garden

Helping You Plan One Step at a Time

Through my phase-based planning process, I help couples take all the overwhelming big decisions and break them into manageable (and fun!) steps. 

Yes, luxury weddings come with financial commitments that are typically larger than average, but it’s not just about the financial aspect. There are big decisions that are important to get right from the get-go because they’ll make the most impact overall.

After those are made, we’ll dive into the multitude of little decisions until everything is picture perfect. And totally luxurious!

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