Unique Escort Cards/ Seating Chart Ideas

The ceremony is over and now it’s time to let the fun begin! Before you make your way to the dance floor, your guests need to take their seats. Whether you choose to help seat your guests with escort cards or a seating chart, there are many fun and unique ways to do so.

You might be wondering what the difference is between escort cards, place cards  and seating charts. Let’s define each: 

Escort cards are typically individual cards showing the guests name, table number,  and if applicable their meal choice for dinner service. 

Place Cards are at the table to tell each guest which seat is reserved for them at the table. These can be done in a variety of ways but usually require a seating chart to tell guests which table number to find their seat at. Most formal weddings have place cards in addition to a seating chart/display

Example of a place card

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Seating charts are usually one large display that guests find what table they are seated at. This can be an actual sign/chart with guests names and table numbers, cards that guests pick up or some other display that guests can find their names and table numbers at. 

Example of a seating chart

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As a wedding planner my personal recommendation is that at a minimum you assign tables to all your guests, this means that at a minimum you need escort cards to tell guests what table they are seated at. In my experience the best action is a seating display/chart and place cards, it takes all the guest count out of the guest experience by telling them what table and what seat they are at, it also makes meal service faster and smoother for your service team.

If you choose to do a seating chart or escort cards for your guests, you may want a fun and creative way to display their names to help them find their seat. Here are some of our favorite ideas and trends.

  1. Thank you cards- This is by far one of my favorite ideas for escort cards. A personalized, hand written note to each guest with their name on the card. Not only is it used to help them find their seat, but it’s a very personalized touch that each guest will treasure.

Photo by AGS Photo Art

  1. Wall of gifts- Have an escort card double as a party favor that your guests will love. Some ideas you can do are homemade jam, olive oil, seeds, desserts, or anything else that means something to you as a couple.

Photo by Nikki Ryan Photography

  1. Champagne Display- A fun way to escort your guests to their seats is with a champagne wall or a wall with empty glasses that your guests can use for the evening.
  1. Glass mirror- One of the more trendy seating charts are the ones done with a mirror and table assignments. A Lot of times couples choose a mirror and use a wax seal to attach the seating charts to the mirror. While it is a more common seating display, couples can make it their own with vintage and unique mirrors.

Photo by Ashley Carlascio Photography

  1. Wood signs- Another common and easy seating chart idea is having names written on a wooden sign. It is simple but can still be unique. 

Photo by Julie Cahill Photography

  1. Library card boxes- Another one of my favorite ideas that I’ve seen is using library card boxes to display escort cards. 

Photo by Kelley Williams Photography

There are so many different ways to display escort cards and seating charts. These ideas won’t only wow your guests, but it will help them find their seat!

Photo by The Delauras

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