Welcome Bags – Why We Love Them And What To Put Inside

We love when our couples plan for welcome bags! These small gifts go such a long way with your guests, and it’s a nice gesture to help them kick off your wedding weekend the right way. You usually won’t be able to greet every out-of-town guest once they arrive, so welcome bags at their hotel are the perfect way to make them feel like you appreciate their travels and give them a few things they may really enjoy having for the weekend away from home. Weddings are about the couple and the special commitment that they’re about to make to each other, but you should still create a guest experience that lets them know how thankful you are that they chose to share in the day with you.


The first step to creating welcome bags that will excite your guests: finding the right bags! Packaging is always important, because when something looks pretty we tend to get more excited for what’s inside. You can get canvas tote bags that you know they’ll want to use again or opt for paper bags that make them feel like they’re getting a little treat. Either way, you should definitely have them personalized in some way! Whether it’s with your wedding date or a sweet quote about love, it’s the little touches like this that make giving welcome bags half of the fun!



After you’ve got your packaging all planned, it’s time to fill the bags with things your guests will enjoy. You should really think about who your guests are when considering what to include. Are they older or younger? Do they snack on chocolate or fruit? Did they travel by car so taking things home with them isn’t a problem or will they be flying where they may have limited space in their luggage? All of these are things to consider when deciding what goodies they’ll receive. Here are some great ideas to include in your bags:

  • Snacks! Everyone wants a snack after a long trip, so include a few things that they can snack on now and throughout the weekend. Opting for something salty and something sweet is a great idea, so that you know you have something for every guest!
  • Water. Keeping them from having to shell out cash at a vending machine will have them singing your praises after a day of traveling.
  • The schedule of events. Having a cute, personalized schedule of the weekend’s festivities (i.e. rehearsal dinner, brunch, etc.) is a great way to let them know what’s going on and where they need to be.
  • A map or brochure. Give them a way to check out the town. They’ll probably want to see a landmark or do something fun in the area while they’re in town, so make it easier for them to find the perfect activity. Maybe even include a list of places you’d recommend!
  • A local souvenir. It’s always fun to include something that’s special to your area. Think of small items that relate to what the town is known for. It’s another great way to make guests feel like they’ve traveled somewhere great.
  • Necessities they may have forgotten. It’s easy to leave something off your packing list, so help them out by including some mini bottles of soap, chapsticks, or even sunglasses to use throughout their time away.
  • Coffee. A small bag of coffee is perfect for the morning after the wedding when you know they’ll be exhausted from dancing the night away!
  • A thank you. Don’t forget to actually say thank you to your guests for traveling to celebrate with you! Include a sweet handwritten note or a beautiful thank you card in your wedding colors to let them know how happy you are that they came.


Now you have the perfect welcome bags for your guests! Bundle everything up with pretty tissue paper or colorful bows and drop them off at your guests’ hotel so that they get them right when they arrive!

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