What To Put On Your Wedding Website

Now that you’ve got the ring on your finger, venue picked and invites sent, you are well on your way to having your wedding planned. You may be thinking you should have a wedding website but what exactly should you put on your wedding website? Your website is a glimpse into your big day and a way to give your guests information. While your guests get some information on their invites, you can only fit so much on them. 

If you aren’t sure what to put on your wedding website, here are some ideas on what you can add. 

  1. Wedding Details

 Provide your guests with the details of your big day, such as

  • Date and time
  • Venue and location for the ceremony
  • Venue and location for the reception

Make it easy for your guest by providing a map or directions from major airports.

Make sure to leave off any exclusive events that not all guests are welcome to so there is no confusion.

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  1. Registry Details

While you can certainly add these to your invite, gifts aren’t always to be expected and having your registry on your website makes it feel less mandatory. Whether you have a honeymoon fund or a gift registry, your website is a great place for people to easily go see your registry.

  1. Adults Only

Some couples prefer an adult only wedding, and that’s ok! Your website is a great place to make that known to your guests. You may also decide to have a local childcare company to help those parents who have to travel with their kids but can’t bring them to the wedding. 

  1. Wedding Party

This space is a fun way to introduce those closest to you who will be up there sharing in your big day. 

  1. Transportation and Lodging 

If you have taken the time to block hotel rooms for your guests or booked shuttle transportation, share these logistics with your guests on your website. You may also send a detail card with your invites, but it’s nice to have all the details on your website as well so they are all in one place. Make it easy by having clickable links for your guests to easily contact hotels for booking.

  1.  Dress Code

Whether you are having a more casual wedding or a black tie event, give your guests a guideline on what to wear. While you can certainly mention this on your invite, if you want to elaborate on attire, especially if you are hosting a welcome party as well, then your website is the place to do that.

  1. Your Love Story

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Give all the fun details of how you and your partner met on your website. It’s always fun to read the unique story of how a couple came to be. Don’t forget to add some fun couple photos as well!

  1. Local Recommendations 

If you have a lot of guests coming from out of town, give them some options on things they can do and places to eat while they are in town. Maybe there are some restaurants you love to eat at that you want your guests to try, or some must see sights while they visit. Give all the recommendations on your website for your guests to enjoy.

  1. FAQ

Help guests with some common questions that may come up. Some FAQ’s you can help answer could be

Wedding timeline

Are kids welcome?

Can I bring a plus one?

Are there other events I can attend?

Who can I contact with questions?

How do I get to the venue?

Will there be shuttles?

  1. Any Big Announcements

 Whether there happens to be a change of venue or a postponement, have a section for announcements for your guests. 

  1. RSVP

 Make it easy for your guests to RSVP to your wedding by adding this section to your website. While most people still send RSVP cards with their invites, some guests find it easier to RSVP online. Make sure there are instructions for your guests on how to RSVP so there is no confusion.

If you are collecting RSVPs online also request emails! You can then use this to send updates as you get closer like shuttle schedules!

You can let your guests know about your wedding website by putting it on your invites or save the date. Make sure it’s something easy for them to remember and type in. Some couples also opt to include a QR code on the save the date or on a details card somewhere that make accessing it super easy!

Remember, while your website is informative, it does not take place of your invites

Lastly, Your website is a great place to have fun and be playful, as well as being informative, so have fun!

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